Italian Ryegrass in a wheat field at harvest.


The Field Crops Pest Management Guide provides information on how to control insects, diseases, nematodes, and weeds in major crops such as corn, soybeans, small grains, forages, tobacco, peanuts, and cotton.


The Mid-Atlantic Field Crop Weed Management Guide has sections on weed management in corn, soybean, sorghum, small grains, and forages. These sections include tables describing herbicides typically used in these crops and their restrictions and herbicide effectiveness and ideal application timing on weeds that are common in the Mid-Atlantic region. Click here to download a free low-resolution version of the 2018 weed management guide.


For those looking to expand their weed management plans to include non-chemical tactics, the A Practical Guide for Integrated Weed Management in Mid-Atlantic Grain Crops provides information on preventative, biological, cultural, and mechanical methods of controlling weeds as well as how to coordinate integrated weed management tactics.